Music City Animal Rescue - Foster Application

Welcome to our Foster Family!!

If you have never been a foster, you are in for a wonderful, unpredictable, but rewarding experience. You will be given the awesome responsibility of being the vital link between an animal and his forever home. You will be his caregiver, his friend and his advocate. There is no greater responsibility. EVERY member of your home will interact with your foster pet, (whether actively or passively). For this reason, we ask that you discuss the decision to be a foster HOME with the other members of your family before you make this decision.

Having been chosen to be a foster parent by MCAR means that we are trusting you to do what is in the best interest of the animal in your care. We want to give our fosters as much flexibility to make decisions regarding care and placement as possible. With that being said, there are a few guidelines and rules in which all fosters are expected to follow while fostering for MCAR.

Please be aware that even though the animal(s) are in your immediate care, they are the primary responsibility and fall under the possession of the Music City Animal Rescue. At NO time will a foster be allowed to giveaway or sell any animal in their possession. They will also not be allowed to ask anyone else to foster or look after an animal that is in their care (even for a short time) without the expressed (written) consent of the MCAR director.

All medical care and procedures are to be cleared with the Director of MCAR or his/her given representative. Even home remedies are to be discussed before being administered.

If you are a foster home for MCAR cats, ALL MCAR cats are to be kept indoors at all times. MCAR dogs are not to be housed or left for extended periods of time outdoors and/or unattended.

MCAR expects foster homes to abide by their desired disciplinary procedures for each animal. These procedures have/will be discussed during your interview process and by signing this contract, you agree to follow those procedures. Should problems/questions arise, you will make every effort to contact the director prior to taking other action.

As a foster, part of your responsibility is to help the animal in your care find it's forever home. This includes socialization of the animal with people and other animals as well as attendance of events, and fundraisers. From time-to-time you will be asked to attend or at least arrange for the animal in your care to attend these events. If you are consistently unable to do so, the decision may be made to find another foster home for the animal in your care.

At no time will MCAR intentionally place an animal in your care that has severe behavioral or aggression issues without the expressed (written) consent from the foster stating that they are aware of the problem (s) and are willing to work with them. At any time, MCAR may refuse to place an animal in your home for these reasons due to extreme liability to the rescue.

Any animal coming in to your home will have an adjustment period. All fosters need to be aware that during this period of adjustment, the animal may bite, scratch, knock you down, tear up furniture, carpet, or other possessions, use the bathroom in inappropriate areas or be aggressive to other animals in your home. To some degree, this is part of the normal adjustment period. By signing this agreement, you are stating that you are aware of this potential problem and are willing to work thru it as outlined by MCAR procedures giving an appropriate time for correction. If at any time the behaviors become out of control or you are severely injured, you are required to notify MCAR immediately.

Should at any time, you feel that you need to step down from your duties or the animal in your care is not a good fit, please be prepared to give MCAR adequate notice. As you know, it may be difficult to find another foster on short notice and we would appreciate your understanding and patience as we would work as quickly as possible to find another placement.

Again, we welcome you into our foster family network and look forward to working with you to find many animals their loving forever homes.

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Foster Information

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Current Vet

Reference Information

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Music City Animal Rescue reserves the right to check your veterinary references.

We request that all other animals in your home be up to date on their vaccinations and be spayed or neutered. If not, please explain why they are not.

Music City Animal Rescue may, at its discretion, check on the welfare of any animal in your care via phone calls or home visits.

There is always potential liability in working with animals whether to person or property. By signing this application you agree to hold harmless Music City Animal Rescue and any of its volunteers or board members from any damages incurred as a result of fostering a Music City Animal Rescue pet.

You must be 21 years of age to be a foster volunteer.

By signing this Foster Home Application, you agree that you have read and understand all statements and requirements made in the application.